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Flonix is an IT Solutions & Technology Services Provider. For IT Solutions, IT Technology, IT Business Support, Consulting, Software, Digital Solutions, Websites and Phone Systems.

Who We Are?

Flonix offers a comprehensive suite of IT solutions, including flexible IT support, professional IT project delivery, and expert IT advice. With our Head Office in Perth and additional offices in Edinburgh, Manchester, & London, we are equipped to service a broad range of areas within the UK. We cater to companies of all sizes, excelling in delivering a fast, reliable, and accountable service to our clients. Our approach to IT is highly flexible, tailored specifically to meet the business needs of our clients. Whether acting as the client’s IT department or supplementing an existing IT resource within the company, our team is there to support you.

Our services encompass a wide array of IT solutions designed to address the modern challenges businesses face today. This includes advanced Network Infrastructure planning and implementation, bespoke Website development, creative Design services, cutting-edge AI integration, comprehensive Cloud Compute and Cloud Infrastructure solutions, reliable Internet Services, fixed and wireless systems including support for Starlink services, (which offers high-speed, low-latency broadband internet in remote and rural areas, ensuring that your business stays connected, no matter the location), as well as modern Telephony and VoIP systems.

Our people are highly-trained professionals who possess the expertise to assess, repair, and maintain a variety of systems, including PC, Server, network configurations, and Apple Macintosh systems. At Flonix, we are committed to delivering exceptional IT solutions that drive growth and efficiency for your business.

Throughout our 15+ years, we have developed:

- A reputation based on honesty.
- High standards of workmanship.
- Costs that are fair and easily understood by clients.

Who We Are?

Flonix offers flexible IT support, professional IT project delivery and expert IT advice. Our Head Office is based in Perth but with offices in Edinburgh, Manchester & London we service most areas within the UK. We can support any size of company. We excel in delivering a fast, reliable and accountable service to our clients. We take a flexible approach to IT which is determined by our clients business needs. We can operate as the client’s IT department, or add to an existing IT resource within the company. Our people are highly-trained, professionals who have the expertise to assess, repair and maintain any PC, Server, network or Apple Macintosh system.

Throughout our 15+ years we have developed a reputation based on honesty, High standards of workmanship Costs that are fair and easily understood by clients

Our Services

Many businesses retain us on a fixed-price contract and depend on us for day-to-day IT support, including strategic planning. Others rely on us as an additional service, confident we can work alongside an in-house IT support team and qualified to deliver the technology, equipment and experience to resolve any system issues. Flexibility is a key factor.

Why Flonix?

We are IT Solutions focused specifically on the business user and implementing bespoke systems to streamline your business. By making your company systems more efficient and cost effective it will keep you ahead of the competition. Our broad industry knowledge and high-calibre engineers provide expert advice and support that will help to eradicate any technology constraints.

Our Partners

Flonix Ltd has a number of partners and is a recognized reseller for many companies in various areas of the technology sector.

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How can I request your services?

You can contact us through our website’s “Contact Us” page, where you can fill out a form, or call our customer service hotline.

Do you work with small businesses as well as large enterprises?

Yes, we cater to businesses of all sizes. Our solutions are scalable to meet the specific needs of each client.

How do you ensure the security of our data?

We prioritize the security of your data and employ industry-standard encryption protocols, regular security audits, and proactive measures to safeguard against potential threats.

Do you offer ongoing maintenance services?

Yes, we provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure the continuous smooth operation of your IT systems. This includes regular updates, patches, and system optimizations.

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